From Selfie to Selfhood #1

Courtney Kirby from C+B

From Selfie to Selfhood is a new Repose Ams serie from the heart. Where we talk about the meaning of Selfhood with people that move us. Does this age of the Selfie and shameless self promotion also mean we are diving more deeply into our own inside world? Is our Selfhood growing?

Meet Courtney Kirby, founder of the Australian natural care brand C+B. And Momma to 2 beautiful boys.

Courtney created C+B in 2014. It began as an online store for her art and occasionally sharing her essential oil knowledge on the C+B blog. Spreading the essential oil love lead to offering her handmade Roller Blends for emotional and physical support, and not far behind followed the creation of Cleanse – the crystal, aura and home purifying mist. 

Being able to combine pure essential oils, natural ingredients and crystals has allowed Courtney to help others form a natural environment within their bodies and homes. All products are made by hand with love in small batches by Courtney in her home.

Selfhood to me is being comfortable in my skin, thoughts and emotions. Not allowing other’s judgement to phase me. Say what you feel with no regret but give out to the world what you wish to receive. Live life with your heart and accept by doing so, you may not be making the smartest decisions but you’re chasing your happiness, what makes you feel good. Selfhood is the moment you realise your happiness is number one and by taking care of your needs first everything else in your life will flow much easier.