From Selfie to Selfhood #2

Carolijn Braeken @bycarolijn

From Selfie to Selfhood is a new Repose Ams serie from the heart. Where we talk about the meaning of Selfhood with people that move us. Does this age of the Selfie and shameless self promotion also mean we are diving more deeply into our own inside world? Is our Selfhood growing?

Meet Carolijn Braeken, a writer from the Netherlands. Her work is often described as raw, honest, and pure. With a background in law, she worked as a corporate lawyer but after a while she figured she needed to follow her own path in order to find true happiness. She now focusses on sharing her words and personal stories on her social media and website. She also writes for different magazines, blogs, and newspapers.

Carolijn is mother to Olivia, with another little girl on her way. Her book on the first year of motherhood will be published upcoming April.

Sometimes the doubts keep me awake at night. Am I living up to my full potential? What if people don’t agree with my career path? What would people say when I publish my words and stories? Do they think I’m weird, do they talk about me behind my back? Since I can remember, I’m torn between these fears and the intrinsic need to share my work with the world.

But lately, something has changed. I find myself succeeding in putting those negative thoughts aside. I have come to realize that following my heart, staying true to myself, listening to my instinct – it’s the key to everything. I feel this almost invincible state of mind warm my heart and soul, giving me light, strength, and inspiration. And it’s at those moments that I feel it; that I have to share the words, I have to share it all. It’s the core of my existence. And as long as I am following my own path and I stay true to myself, it just really doesn’t matter what other people think of me. It’s like I have this protective shield around me, their words and opinions simply can’t touch me.

That’s what selfhood is to me. Being myself, without fears, without judgment, without doubts.

” Motherhood, a memoir of our first year” is now available for pre order here