From selfie to selfhood #4

From Selfie to Selfhood is a new Repose Ams serie from the heart. Where we talk about the meaning of Selfhood with people that move us. Does this age of the Selfie and shameless self promotion also mean we are diving more deeply into our own inside world? Is our Selfhood growing?

Miky, storyteller of simple living joys, mother and founder of the beautiful Slow living blog

Selfhood to me is finding my way into my authentic and my most honest SELF.

We are so used to the everyday routine that sometimes we forget to live our own purpose. With today’s increased pressure on family schedule, we have less time for things that really make us happy.
It’s by slowing down our lives that I rediscovered old passions and started cultivating the ability of savoring little moments, becoming more efficient on the daily chores and by that, giving myself more time.

To listen to my true self, to learn to live life more at ease.
To be grateful and be present.

To start doing new things, like drawing and writing.

To notice the signs that lead me to what I really should
be doing.

Finally discovering my true self, what MY thing is.

This brought such an air of lightness. I feel that we are right where we should be right now, as a family.

As a woman I am still working on doing what I like most, gathering, curating, serving the women around

I am still crayoning projects, reading, looking for inspiration.
But I have this feeling that once you know your way it will all come together slowly.

A feeling that you can align the things into their
rightful place, once start being present in your own journey.