In search of dialogue with Bibi

It’s terrible but i tend to ignore all my upcoming thoughts and philosophies about the long term future. Especially since i became a mom..

Meet Bibi, mother of two beautiful, long haired babies @lou_loh. A true Amsterdam local, who loves to soak up the sun in warmer places like Ibiza, Barcelona and Thailand as often as she can.

Could you name 3 words that represent the brand Repose Ams for you?

Attitude, conceptual and the Huxtables

What are core values for you when it comes to (childrens) fashion?

I have deep love for natural fabrics: wool, cotton, linen, silk and hemp

And ofcourse a high preference for ethically correct and sustainable clothing.

What’s your philosophy on raising children in this day & age?

Possitive parenting to raise curious and responsible human beings.

We try to implement nvc-techniques (nonviolent communication) as a family, this helps us keeping the communication clear and as peaceful as possible.

As a mum, i like to look for answers of some parenting dilemma’s in animal life or remote tribal cultures, as i believe they’re living more pure and more focussed on survival. Not or less influenced by un-natural surroundings like we are.

Name three works of art ( music, literature and visual art / architecture) that mean a lot to you

Attractive artwork, for me, is depending of my state of mind, the phase of my life and the space and creatures i am surrounded by. It is the same with music.

And my list of favorites is endless. But at the moment on my playlist: Allah las, Blond:ish, Panda dub, Kat Edmunson, and Francoise Hardy (i know, a weird collection)

In art i am always very attracted to the work from a generation that produced art in Europe around ’20 ’30. After the great world war, there was no room for romantic art anymore.

‘Art that only pleased the eye instead of serving the mind’ art suddenly became more conceptual, more intelligent and philosophical. this rebellion was the seed for how we look at art these days.

Two of my favo’s of this period and their work are Marcel Duchamp and Alberto Giacometti