Minikin by Repose AMS

Minikin by Repose AMS “an ode to all beginnings”


It all started with search for the perfect knitted blanket in 2014 and has evolved in a brand, loved worldwide for kids 2-14 years


woven collar suit in kind clay


Minikin is a first on off baby collection in celebration of the 5th anniversary of Repose AMS
Baby basics with a soothing and comfy fitting in soft and earthy tones like:
warm caramel, sea stone, warm white and kind clay
Basic pieces like baby suites, one suit, longsleeve, pants and some knitted items as a cardigan, bloomer and a bonnet for everyday use all day every day.


knit cardigan in soft white

bodysuit in sea stone

Items are all made of carefully choses fabric like 100% gots organic ribbed jersey, 100% woven double gauze,
and 100% oeko tex certified merino wool all very soft and comfortable that can embrace and endure all beginnings.

Want. Touch. Grow. Move. Connect. Doubt. Fall. Pose.

knit cardigan in soft white

bodysuit in kind clay

hat in warm caramel