Small note #1


Happy 2019

New chapters to come and blanc pages to fill. I am beyond excited what 2019 will bring, to keep on doing what I am doing, to challenge myself and to work with and meet amazing people.

Don’t do New Years resolutions, what I do is looking back:

2018 has been a challenging year, I have been thinking lots what I want and where do I want to go and how do I want to go from here. I made some drastic choices, asked myself some critical question and the best thing that came out of this was that I decided that I had to stay true to myself personally, creatively and business wise.

Ready for 2019, and ready for new things and for exciting plans. I still have so many things to learn and they say wisdom comes with the years, so cheers to the New Year and make it one to remember.

But first things first our new “Selfhood” collection, behind the scenes we are working very hard on that, and we will keep you posted.

Thank you for everything