Things that matter #4

In retrospect you see clearly what the journey of life is

In the present we aim to focus on the little things

The things that matter

A new serie from the heart

Things that matter#3

By Shanlynne Silvestre @playfulmodernkids

She was strong as bricks
But as gentle as a soft breeze in spring

Relentless being
Fearless to love
Forever she puts those before herself

To carry one in womb
and provide golden liquid from her chest
Determined to raise the future
A flower awaiting to grow a garden of selfless beings
Nurture and love
Skin to skin

She is strong
She is miraculous
She pushes mountains
She is a mother

For a long time it was hard for me to understand the definition of a mother. Growing up without a mother figure hurt me deep inside. The more I grew up and took my time to mature is when I finally learned to forgive. Sometimes motherhood isn’t for everyone but it has molded me to be the woman I am today

Every morning when I wake up I am grateful
Every night before I sleep I am grateful
Motherhood isn’t perfect but it just fits me right