Things that matter #3

In retrospect you see clearly what the journey of life is

In the present we aim to focus on the little things

The things that matter


A new serie from the heart


Things that matter #3

by Britt Hughan


There is a place where one can only lie down and surrender

And let go of all control but gently hold on to the hope that things will get better


“ A major part of our learning is to smile in the storm, in the stretching thin, for eventually something of great value will be giving to our soul

This is the place where depth grows, where the root is established, where the tree of your life grows more rings in age and wisdom

Where you are challenged to grow through hard weather, where you either grow into a wise ancient tree or stay a seedling

Instant gratification or reward does not live here. The option to leave this place either

The amount of weather you can endure is directly proportional to the amount you’ll gain”


These words by Sarah Blondin give me hope

Her podcast Live Awake is from 2016-2017, but i still listen every day

To stay sane. To feel it all

To stay connected to the things that really matter